About us

CatPals, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to supplying food, water and medical care to abandoned cats living in North Beach Park, Hollywood, FL. We are staffed completely by volunteers and those who interact directly with the cats are trained before being assigned a specific area.

When CatPals began this mission, there were over 300 cats. Our Trap/Neuter/Return program (T/N/R) was presented to the City of Hollywood and Broward County in 1994 by our founder, Cindy Martin and endorsed by Dr. James Dee of the Hollywood Animal Hospital. Since then our program has been very successful in reducing the population to approximately 45.

As more vets and clinics offer support and discounted fees, our T/N/R program has become one of the most significant services CatPals provides. Each humanely trapped cat is given a full health check, vaccinated, sterilized and then their ear is tipped (the universal sign that shows a cat has been neutered). Every effort is then made to find homes for healthy kittens and abandoned adult cats.

We understand that many of the cats "dropped off" in our area are placed there simply out of the financial desperation of owners who love them. But, the harsh reality is that 30% of them die within days due to their inability to survive without the care of their owners. These beautiful creatures deserve a second chance, but the adoption process takes time. Please consider opening your home to foster or adopt a cat.

Fundraising for our program is more important than ever and 100% of every financial donation to CatPals, Inc. goes entirely to the cats. We have no overhead and no salaried employees. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

CatPals provides a valuable service through our "labor of love." Our goal is to find homes/barns/stable for our cats who are being evicted from the park.